Thursday, 10 January 2008



Some of us have spare time on our hands but most of the time we do not know how to occupy ourselves. How about creating masterpieces in your own pace and in the comfort of your home? Eventually, some will take up handcrafted arts such as knitting, cross stitching, scrap booking, drawing, or even sketching. What about trying out something new with your creativity?

Have you heard of the 3-dimensional paper craft known as Paper Tole? This fun and interesting 3D picture art originated from Europe. Pictures or photos are cut, shaped, molded, layered and varnished to produce an exquisite masterpiece. The finished product is amazingly textured and is in 3D form, certainly a conversation piece in any home. Paper Tole sets come in a variety of sizes and price range. You can even design your own if you have duplicate copies of high quality prints or photos.

If you are a beginner, choose something that is simple first and practice the basic techniques before building your picture. When you get the hang out of it, you can slowly move on to more complex projects. Try your skills and creativity with Paper Tole today. It is relaxing to the mind and will built up you patience eventually.


Bell said...

Paper tole is good for concentration and focus. My sister used to do paper tole, we have at least 10 of them hanging about the house (!) and many more she gave away as gifts. They do make lovely personal gifts! Pretty hard to do though, I've only ever managed 2 in my entire life (good distraction for when I was nervous waiting for exam results!). The costly part of paper tole is when you go to frame them, because they're "3D" you need a box frame for it... they're expensive.

Patti said...

I discovered Paper Tole around 4 years ago. I'm self taught and absolutely love this art. I just can't understand why it's not popular here in the United States. I would like to take a class but can only find them availible in N.Z and A.U. Would anyone know where there is a school in this country that teaches Paper Tole?

Anonymous said...

Patti. I am taking a class write now that a woman teaches at my church. She teaches a class each night at a different location. At the end of the class we do an art show throught the local art league. Most communities have art leagues, even small ones. Maybe you should check with them. Good Luck!

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