Tuesday, 1 January 2008



It is 2008 now. What would you do to have a new look to your house? Would you like to have that European look, Scandinavian look and contemporary design to your home without making any major structural changes to the existing design? It may sound impossible but it can be done by just playing with simple furniture, colors and lightings.

Most people here are staying in apartments and space is mainly the factor behind the obstruction to any renovations to create the feel of any looks. It is not necessary true if you know how to mix and match the correct combination of furniture to certain colors for the house. For example, doorframes can be coated with silver paint to blend in with the metallic look of the Venetian blinds, together with some play of lights.

Minimal furniture and color palette comprising neutral and sandy hues can create an unusual fusion of East meet West, making the whole place portray a sense of peace and tranquility. A clear-lined custom fitting of sand plywood, will provide a serene balance to the overall sandy feel. Lighting should be kept to a minimum to avoid outshining the furniture. It is a no-no to put up fancy gadgets and fitting as it will make the place look congested.

Simplicity is the best solution for a space constricted home. Silver color and sand-plywood furniture are recommended as they compliment each other to have that feel.

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Las montañas said...

clean and uncluttered look is for me.

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