Monday, 10 December 2007



The lust and greed of human, especially men in particular often lead to many problems in their life. When the lust is strong, the greedier he gets. One may not be enough for him. Now he wanted two. Two of what? Two wives! What? Bigamy? What has happened to the saying “Until death do us part?” to the first wife? Here is the story of the marriage of a man in his late 40s.

He was 49 years old and a successful businessman. After marrying his wife of the same age for more than 15 years, he was still not satisfied with his life. He yearned for something more that will make him look good and feel good in the eyes of the business world. He decided to take on a second wife of 22 years old. She was beautiful, shapely and charming in appearance.

After less than a year being with the man, the second wife felt rather embarrassed. Everywhere she went with him, some people have mistaken her as his daughter. She has decided to make him look young by plucking out all the white and grey hair that he had appeared on his head. When his first wife noticed this, she pulled out his black hair one by one. She preferred a more mature and older appearance on him.

Months went by and day by day, the heated competition between the two women caused a stir within the business world. The results of their jealousy ended up making the man a bald. Haha…I wondered why they have never thought of dying his hair instead. Hmmm…

The moral behind this story is that certain things cannot be share, especially a husband, wife, house, car, boat, etc. Different people tend to think differently. Different people have the tendency to utilize an item at different period of time. When those time clashes, dispute and quarrel occur. The best solution to this is to get ONE of what you need most. Having one too many can make things rather complicated.

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