Monday, 17 December 2007



How do you like your friend to be? Are you aware on how to grow your friendship? Friends can be measured in quantity, but friendship can only be measured by qualities. What are the qualities you look for in a friend?

Someone who would spare his/her time for you even though s/he is busy?
Someone who does what is hard to do just for you?
Someone who would give you what is hard to give?
Someone who would bear all the sadness you would have had?
Someone who would share his/ her secrets with you and yet will keep it well?
Someone who will not forsake you when you are in need?
Someone who will not run away when you are in trouble?
Someone who will accept who you are and not what others would want you to be?
Someone who will give you a smile and comfort you when you are sad?

The list of how, what, why, which and when will go on endlessly. Basically, a true friend should be generous not in materialism but in giving the time, service and patience with a smile always. Have you found such a friend yet? If you did, appreciate and cherish them by all means.

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