Thursday, 6 December 2007



One fine morning, a tiger woke up full of spirit and decided to go strolling within the jungle. He was followed by a wolf and a hyena, two of his strongest supporters. He saw a monkey and cornered him. He roared at him, “Who is the mightiest of all the jungle animals!?” The poor quaking monkey replied, “You of course my Lord.” Feeling very proud of his status, he moves on. He then saw a rabbit. Again, he roared and asked, “Who is the greatest and strongest of all the jungle animals!?” The rabbit stammered and answered, “Oh my great tiger, you are the mightiest of them all.”

Awhile later, he saw a deer and rushed towards him and plunged him onto the ground. Showing his sharp pointed teeth, he asked, “Who is the King of the Jungle?!” The deer shook so hard until he could barely speak, but managed to reply in a soft shivering voice, “O mighty King of the Jungle, you are the best around.”

The tiger continued his stroll with a proud look on his face. He saw an elephant munching some weeds and roared at him on top of his voice, “Who is the mightiest of all the jungle animals?!” The elephant looked at him dreamily, grabbed him up, slammed him against the ground, picked him up again, shook him until he became dizzy and flung him violently up onto a tree. The tiger was confused at on the tree trunk and said, “Gosh, just because you do not know the answer, you do not have to be so mad at me!”

The moral behind this story is that sometimes people tend to follow a person and blindly worshipped him/her as their leader. They do not even have their own minds to decide what will be the best alternative for their own future. “Follow the leader” may sound right at first but not necessary the correct choice at all times. These people will never be leaders themselves. They will always remain as followers, hiding behind the shadows of their so-called leader.

On the other hand, being egoistic also leads to many failures in life. Unless there is a decision to change for the better, this type of person is as good as dead. The ego in him will eventually kill him one day. Please remember that behind all doors there could be someone greater, stronger and mightier than you. You will never remain as the only one. Even if you are the only human left in this world, even a small mosquito can make you die of malaria or dengue fever.

Humans are inter-dependable. To act egoistic will not promise a good future. In fact, you will get less good friends but those who will not lead you to your success in life. Think twice before you even consider yourself to be the future Ego King or Queen. You will not survive long enough in this society.

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Annabel said...

I'm an opinionated follower. I don't like to lead, but I like to think that I won't follow blindly either. All in all I think I'm pretty fair :)

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