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Touring around United Kingdom can be real fun a great experience. There are many places of interest which include the Buckingham Palace, home of the British monarch where you can see the changing of guards, London’s famous Tower Bridge along River Thames, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, St Paul's Cathedral, London Eye, not forgetting the famous Hyde Park. Checking into any of the Hotels in London would be easy as they are scattered all around London town.

A bit up north of London is Birmingham, the largest core city of the United Kingdom. There are many places of interest in Birmingham such as the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Thinktank, the newest museums in the Eastside, Cadbury World, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Winterbourne Botanic Garden, three famous squares (Centenary, Chamberlain and Victoria), St Philip Cathedral, St Chad Cathedral, St Martin Church and also Europe’s largest mosque, the Birmingham Central Mosque. There are quite a number Hotels in Birmingham, with easy access to their many modes of transportation.

Traveling further north, you will reach Manchester. You would not miss the Manchester Town Hall, a beautiful building with Victorian era Gothic revival architecture. Manchester is well known for its centre of the arts, the media, higher education and commerce. It also housed the City of Manchester Stadium where you can enjoy a game of football by your favourite teams, Manchester United and Manchester City. The latest addition includes the 60m high Wheel of Manchester. There are many Hotels in Manchester which you can check in. There are lots of activities for nightlife, art and culture or simply just for shopping nearby.

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