Friday, 28 December 2007



Sitting down, mindfully and stress free,
Searching inside what most could not see;
Chillness, instability and fears,
Pierced deeply into the bones as sharp as icy spears.

Shrill struck coldness into the heart,
Whining painfully inside urging to bark;
But the shivering feelings were just too strong,
Even to let one trying very hard to unbound.

Has anyone ever felt this way before? The feeling of fear within yourself even though you have done nothing wrong? The feeling of being so lost with no directions? The feeling of being so confused with truth and falseness? It felt as if something bad is about to happen. The mind goes wild thinking of all the possibilities of any bad happenings. What might be the causes these feelings? Could it be due to unrest worries, tiredness, illness, fearing death, fearing rejections, stresses, failures or even loneliness?

The answer is worries as many of us kept thinking about our future, consciously or subconsciously. Why would we still worry when we have adjusted our daily lives to whatever changing circumstances? We should be taking advantages of the present but not the past or the future. It would be absurd to look into the future and get to know what we should not know in the first place.

Some will be so desperate to find out about the worst part of their future through fortune tellers until they will spend thousands of dollars on rituals, charms or amulets just to make sure they will not be hard hit by misfortunes and bad lucks. For those who received good news on their luck, some will spend large sum of money gambling away hoping to strike that jackpot.

Do you think it is wise to act against the law of nature to live life one day at a time? We do not need to touch on sensitive issues here. But with a clear mind and understanding, isn’t it better to stay in the present and spend on what is required on a day to day basis? Not only will we save on money, but also the unnecessary worries we would put upon ourselves.

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PapaJoneh said...

when im in quiet moment.. I always think of my wife, twins and josh. the next one is my rc stuffs. thats all. :D

Whatever I do now for my family. Like why doing the paid posting.. for josh , twins' needs and Wife spending. Me always last... sad but true.

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