Thursday, 27 December 2007



I do not know about you guys but I do have a lot of funny jokes up my sleeves most of the time. Have you all heard about one of the business jokes about a rich man’s death wishes? Well, Mr. TooMuchToSpend knew that he would not live long due to his critical illness and called his trusted pastor, doctor and lawyer to his mansion.

“I will not live long and I would want you all to do something nice for me during my funeral,” he said. Everyone was in shock and expected the rich man’s death wishes to be very demanding. They were relieved when the rich man continued, “I am going to issue a check for $100,000 each under your name and after deducting all the expenses for my funeral, please deposit the balance into my coffin before burial.”

A few weeks later, the rich man passed away. The pastor deposited $70,000 in cash into the dead man’s coffin after deducting the amount spent on the building a marble tombstone for the rich man. The doctor deposited $50,000 in cash into the coffin after minus the medical expenses of the rich man. The lawyer snapped at the other two for being cheaters. “I am not going to charge Mr. TooMuchToSpend a single cent. In fact, I am giving him more for all the businesses he had given me,” said the lawyer. He then wrote a check for $120,000 and deposited into the coffin.

Did you get the joke here? The jokes are on the pastor and doctor. One could be smart but there will be another who will be smarter. In the end, the lawyer who is the smartest of them all got the most!

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