Tuesday, 4 December 2007



Gone were the days of the paper files and documents which will take up a lot of storage space. Filing any documents will be easy but retrieving them from thousands of files in the storage room can be rather tedious and time consuming.

With the introduction of the efficient Document Scanning Service, all the chaos and headaches will be solved. Documents can now be scanned digitally and stored in the computer in a systematic tagging method. Finding records and documents can now be much easier. For those who require to access to the database to check on records, all they need to do is to key in their authorized password and the information will appear on the computer screen right in front of them. Not only will it save time but also the amount of money to source for storage space. One can even print the hardcopy of the information for their references and simply just shred them off when not needed. It is so easy and less messy.

The days of files and documents staggered all over the desk and exploding out from the filing cabinets will be gone with the innovative creation of the Document Scanning Service. It is less expensive to maintain the system and business gets to run more smoothly and efficiently now.

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