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This is one of the many ways to cultivate patience and tolerance in our daily life. By cultivating these, we will be able to avoid hasty judgments, criticisms and troubles that may arise in our life. The best way will be involving your little green fingers into gardening such as growing your own bonsai.

Bonsai are not genetically dwarfed plants. They are an idea to recreate nature’s most stunning and beautiful effects on trees which are reduced to scale. They can be created from nearly any tree or shrub species and remain small through pot confinement and crown and root pruning. Some specific species are more sought after for use as bonsai material. This is because they have characteristics that make them appropriate for the smaller design arrangements of bonsai. There are many different ways to acquire, cultivate and grow bonsai. Several of the most common includes growing from seed, cutting, air laying and grafting.


The possibilities of creating your own bonsai are endless. The trick is to find them and express them in your own beautiful way. There are many ways of growing the plant but there are rules for bonsai designing such as placing branches in certain ways. The thrill in growing bonsai is that you can break the rules and create something that is beyond the norms. (Life Quotes: Rules can be broken only if it does not harm the lives of the innocents.)

Bonsai is an outdoor activity as trees are meant to be cultured in the open. Make some space outside your house and your trees will be happier. Sometimes, in your process of starting out in creating your own bonsai design, the plant dies. Discover and understand the reason behind its death to prevent the same happening. Learn from that mistake. (Life Quotes: We should understand the requirements of others and allow them the opportunity to live their own life. There may be many occasions that we have disputes with them on certain issues. Learn from the mistakes and avoid the same happening.)

Limit yourself to a few kinds of plants as each tree has its own requirement. Join a club or an interest group, visit websites and workshops and learn from them the art of growing a good bonsai. Most importantly, remember that when you are putting a tree into a pot, you are committing yourself to the care of the tree. Ignore it and it will die. It is your responsibility to ensure that it will blossom into your pride years later. Practice it with care and patience and the end result would be worthwhile. (Life Quotes: Commitment and responsibility should be part of our lives. Without them, there would not be success in life. It takes years to have all that in control to see results. Thus, through the process of conquering them, you will understand life better.)

Do not expect your plants to develop within a few months. Sometimes it will take years for it to become your bonsai. Keep on working on it and do not be discourage by the time frame. Think of it as a part of enriching your experience in tolerating failures and cultivating patience in life. (Life Quotes: Do not be disheartened with endless failures for failure is the mother of success. Through determination and patience in studying deep into those failures and understand what went wrong, life will be a bed of roses ahead. This is part and parcel of learning and moving forward in your life.)

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