Tuesday, 11 December 2007



R.L. Stevenson once said, “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that it will behold any one of us, to find any fault with the rest of us.” This is so well said, as most people in this present society will not study within themselves their faults but endlessly criticized others’ faults. The world is actually the mirror image of a person thoughts, actions and beliefs. How you look at things done by others will eventually reflect yourself.

No one in this world is free from blames or criticisms. Even a person who kept his silence would be blamed for being too quiet. What about those who are talkative or in moderation? Man is born to be false and deceitful, not to others but to himself as well. How nice it would be if man can attend to his own affairs without interfering with the affairs of others. This is just a theory. In reality, not many people can achieve this.

Sometimes, it is in us, the so-called nature of us not being able to see things which is wrongful to our own perception in life. We tend to advice those whom we think are not living rightfully. To us it is a good deed. To others who are not willing to study deeply into their weaknesses, it is merely another criticism to spoil their lives. Anger sparks, temper increases, and there will be no end to disputes and quarrels.

Before we even attempt to criticize another, think about ourselves if we were to be in their shoes. Are we qualified to “advise” another when we cannot even settle our own life affairs or identify our own faults? It is easy for another person to see the faults of others. What about his own faults? Another saying goes like this, “One winnows other’s faults like chaff, but hides as a crafty fowler covers himself.”

Which would you choose? Being praised by everyone every time or being criticized by each and anyone all the time? As a human, we are always protective on own pride and ego. We prefer to be praised all the time but will it always help us in our life? Criticism on the hand will not always be in our favour. Constructive ones are. It is within our own willpower to filter out which are the constructive ones and use them as our guideline for better improvements in our life.

Praises will be like sweets, while criticisms will be like bitter gourds. The more praises you get, the more sweetness you consume and it is bad for health. Too much sweetness will cause sickness. Criticisms are in fact the bitterness to cure sickness. It would be hard and painful to consume initially, but the sooner you get used to it, the sooner you will have the courage to move on with your life. No matter what, there should be a balance of praises and criticisms. Too much of anything would not be good for one’s life too.

So do you still have the phobia of being criticized? I hope not. Regardless of how bad a criticism could be, hold on to your good work. Be strong and believe in yourself. Have the courage to withstand the pressure and you will not be short of successes ahead.

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