Wednesday, 19 December 2007



From my previous post on “Setting the right moods with proper lightings”, I shall now go into specific areas in the house that can be improved further. If you know how to place certain lamps at strategic area, the lighting can add that extra dramatic flair as well. Shining certain floor lamps through the foliage of plants will provide accents to specific parts of a room.

Let us look at the living room first. For the living room, a wide variety of lighting can be recommended. You can use anything from recessed ceiling light, strip lighting behind valances and wall sconces. You can even have some table lamps with dimmers can let your control over the intensity of the light you wanted. It is through these that make the room come alive.

For the dining room, a chandelier could be the key source of lighting. It should be hung about three feet above the dining table. You could install dimmers to lower the light level when meals are served.

As for the bedroom, functional lighting for activities like reading, writing or drawing is a must. Selected desk lamps would be appropriate as is a swing arm lamp for each partner. A lamp with translucent shade is good task lighting for a dresser with a mirror.

Maybe a visit to to view their thousands of lamp samples will help you even more. They have the perfect combination of lamps for your living space to create the kind of mood and atmosphere you are looking for.

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