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Asians are believed to be among the highest consumers of sugar in the world. According to the Ministry of Domestic and Consumer Affairs, the recommended intake of sugar is 50 grams a day for women and 63 grams a day for men. There are many complications that may arise with an overdose of glucose level in the blood system.

One of the main concerns is diabetes. Higher sugar intake for a diabetes person may results in hyperglycemia. In the long run without proper medication from the wide range of diabetic supplies easy available in the market, can cause metabolic damage and also structural damage to many body organs.

Today with dietary and lifestyle changes, cutting down the sugar intake is healthy. What is the best way to reduce your sugar intake? Let us look at some of the points below:

- Eat regularly.

- Limit gassy drinks and artificially sweetened fruit juices. Take fresh fruits compared to juices as it also provide you with the fibre you required.

- Add half time less sugar to your hot beverages such as coffee, tea, etc.

- Know what you eat. Processed food contained a lot of hidden sugar.

- Use two to three times lesser sugar in your baking or cooking.

- Exercise regularly.

- Choose alternative energy booster such as cooked rice, fruits, boiled potatoes and white bread.

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We have to watch are sugar levels, I agree.

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