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Ever wonder what is the meaning of a ring on your finger? It symbolizes many interests apart from marriage and courtship. Here are some descriptions of the different types of rings available in the market.


Engagement and Wedding Rings: These rings are usually found on the fourth finger of the left hand. The classic ones are single diamond stone rings. Most couples would have a set of wedding band rings for the exchange of vows in addition to the engagement and wedding rings. The plain wedding band is usually worn daily while the wedding ser is reserved for special occasions.

Eternity Ring: The ring has diamonds studded all around the band and is usually presented during anniversaries.

Promise Ring: Young couples who are going steady may wear this thin band with a small diamond on it. It represents pre-engagement.


Friendship Ring: Teenagers wear this very often. Normally it is a less expensive 916 gold or 926 sterling silver.

Class Ring: This is a trend amongst the Americans as it indicates graduation.

Signet Ring: This ring is with a metal or stone plaque for initials or family crest usually worn by the aristocrat lineage.


Birth Stone Ring: Some believe that wearing the birth stone which represents the birth month, will bring good luck to the wearer.

Cocktail or Dinner Rings: These rings are worn for dressy evening events. This ring features a diamond and some accent color stones.

Costume Ring: This ring is normally used as part of the costume jewelry to compliment with the colors of a dressing. They are usually made from cut glasses of different colors.

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PapaJoneh said...

I never knew there are so many rings.. I mean specialized for certain occasion. I know, the diamond ring is the ultimate. Sure hope can get that for my lovely one :D

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