Thursday, 29 November 2007



If you do not stop your children from consuming lard filled diet during earlier years, you might have some problems in controlling them during their teenage years. There are so many fast food centers all over the country. Children will not be aware of its threat to his health if parents were not given the public awareness on the danger of unbalanced diet. Obesity may come in, bringing in other threats such as heart diseases, diabetes, strokes and so on to the child when he grows older. It is not that you totally banned your children from consuming fast food, but too much of anything can ruin his health. How healthy should your children be?

BE THE ROLE MODEL: Practice what you preach by setting a positive role model. Eat healthily and your children will be convinced to follow suit.

FAMILY ACTIVITIES: Set a date and time weekly and get the whole family out for some outings such as jogging, swimming, riding or simply play some garden games. At least everyone get involved in exercising themselves.

REWARDS: Do not frequently reward your child with snacks and candies for good behavior or achievement. Think of another healthier way such as purchasing a book or a toy from a nearby mall.

DIETS: Make eating vegetables and fruits as a must in your daily diet. You can allocate once or twice weekly as dessert day where you can take not-too-sweet ice creams and jellies. Too much sugar in a diet is a bad idea.

MEALS: Setting a specific time for the whole family to dine together is a great way to avoid unnecessary consumption of junk food between meals. Moreover, it is a bonus to have some quality time together.

TV AND COMPUTER GAMES: These should be limited as you not want them to end up with excessive snacking lifestyle. Encourage them to something they like, such as reading, writing, drawing, or doing quizzes. This will further help them in their future education.

FOOD INFORMATION: Try labeling the sugar and cholesterol levels on all the food in the kitchen in a chart form and paste it on the door of your refrigerator. Everyone will learn what is good for their health and be more conscious of what they eat. It is a habit that will help change their eating behavior for a lifetime.

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