Sunday, 11 November 2007



Many people would have just gone outside to buy a packet of this type of noodle as preparation is rather time consuming. You can imagine the time involved in softening the instant noodles, peeling the prawns, boiling the eggs, cooking the meat stock, blending the prawn skins, frying with chilies, shallots, onions and oil, not forgetting cutting the meat into strips. As for me, I do not mind having the effort to cook a healthier meal. At least it will free myself from consuming too much of Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG).

What most people are not aware is the effect of ready packed instant noodles on our bodies. Normally, we just put in the water to boil, throw in the instant noodles, pre-packed powder and let it cook for 3 minutes. What we do not realize is the change in the molecular structure of MSG when boiled together with other ingredients within the powder, making it toxic to our bodies. Moreover the wax that coats the noodles will remain within our bodies for 4-5 days before it is totally out from them. Too much of foreign compounds in our bodies can be cancerous in a long run.

The right way to cook instant noodles is to drain away the excess water when the noodles softened. Boil another pot of water, off with the fire, throw in the noodles, powder and let it stand for a few minutes before consuming it. In case you want to have dry noodles, toss the cooked noodles dry and mix with the powder on a plate. Some people will tell me that it is a waste of time and gas. Would you prefer to have a healthier life or would you save cost on gases and ruin your life in the future? It is all up to you!

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