Saturday, 10 November 2007



Keeping fit by exercising daily sure keep the body strong and healthy but it also comes with a terrible headache. You can imagine how much of sweaty clothes you have to wash just after a few days of sports. I have been washing all my clothes manually for so long.

It has always been only my working clothes, house clothes and pajamas that needed to be washed almost daily. Ever since I took up jogging as a way to burn off my body fat, my clothes have been stacking up like mountains.

With a lethargic body after each jog, there is never the mood to do more chores, especially washing and drying up my clothes. They are always slow and time consuming to get them cleaned properly. I should have made up my mind to purchase one of those Kenmore Washing Machines I saw online some time back. At least it will lessen my worries of not having enough clothes for days to come.

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