Friday, 2 November 2007



I have quite a few varieties of orchids in my garden. Oncidium Gower Ramsey or commonly known as the Dancing Ladies are among the most popular and easiest to maintain orchid in the world. A member of the Oncidium family, the common name comes from the shape of the flower which resembles a lady with her arms outstretched on the top with a skirt-shaped lip below. With the evening tropical breeze, it looks like there is a whole troupe of dancers waltzing all the way in a ballroom.

Growing orchid is rather easy as a hobby. In Malaysia’s tropical weather, daily watering with a good orchid fertilizer is recommended. The large flattish pseudo bulbs will start to wrinkle if not enough of water is given to the plant. Burned or very light leaves will indicate too much of sunlight whereas dark green leaves indicate inadequate sunlight. The orchid plants should be repotted every couple of years after flowering. This will help the plant to bloom more. The best method to get good results will be either planting it in a coconut husk or using bits and pieces of charcoals.


PapaJoneh said...

Alamak.. if my mom sees this.. surely she wanna have them too. So cute. So so interesting. :D

Bell said...

my grandad had a beautiful orchid garden too... and these were a very prominent flower amongst them. the dancing ladies bring a wave of nostalgia...

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