Wednesday, 14 November 2007



Phew! I have so much of printing work to be done and yet so few days left before the deadline. I do hope that I can finish the project on time or else I would be blacklisted in my client’s suppliers list. Wait a minute! Why is the there a blinking light on my printer? Gosh! I am out of ink!

Do I feel panicky? No! I have the Cartridge Finder website address bookmarked in my browser. All I need to do is to search for the brand, model number, followed by my zip code and a list of merchants’ names and pricing will be displayed immediately. Finding the right pricing and having the right contact number is just a matter of pressing a few keys on my keyboard. I have the options of purchasing the cartridge online or calling up the merchant to have them delivered to me urgently.

You can imagine how much time and money I can save to have this convenient service available anytime I am in need of a cartridge replacement.

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photo said...

don't always rely on cartridge finder. you need to select a good ink.

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