Tuesday, 20 November 2007



I have been playing with so many personality tests online until I am bored with those mind boggling questionnaires that made my head swirled and dizzy for the rest of the day. After searching the internet for sometime, I managed to find out about Quiz Rocket. There are many tests in there that made me laugh by simply looking at the questionnaires they have provided. This site has so many quizzes that are funny yet fun to play with ranging from Dating Personality Quiz, Emo Quiz, Idiot Quiz, Sexy Quiz to The Impossible Quiz.

Since Christmas is approaching soon, I tried the Naughty or Nice Quiz to learn if I fell onto Santa’s Naughty List. “Oh Naughty Naughty… you don't get a present for Christmas!” Gosh! I was laughing all the way. They even gave me a badge towards the end of the quiz. I have never had such a fun test before. Why don’t you try out their online personality quizzes and fun tests? It’s free too.

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