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(Information suitable for Malaysian Bloggers only)


I have been asked by many people on how to handle paid posts for quite a number of days now. I am also a newbie in this matter but I did do a lot of researches to get the most out of earning online. Maybe this post will clear up some of the doubts of those people who have been asking me on the procedures from A to Z.

For those who are planning to start earning through paid post, here are some of the basic information you might want to know:

  1. Your website/blog must be at least 90 days old. In certain cases, some sites might allow you to starting applying and writing after 60 days. Approval of your website/blog will take from hours until a week. I will provide a list of possible sites later in the post.
  2. You will need to have an online PayPal account. Transaction uses your provided email address as your login name (eg.,, etc)
  3. You have to apply a VISA debit or credit card for verification purposes. Without the numbers behind your card to verify PayPal, you will not be able to claim the amount banked into your account.
  4. My advice, apply a card before you are eligible to write paid post. Approval of the cards will usually takes a month or more. Amounts that were not claimed within the 30 days period in your PayPal account will be redirected back to the sender. You might have some hassle in claiming back then.
  5. Check out the paid post sites and apply when you are eligible to start earning through your blog. Here are some of the possible sites, there could be more. Apply as many as you could handle. Applying too many will be rather chaotic in future. Smorty, PayPerPost, LoudLaunch, Blogitive, Blogsvertise, PayU2Blog and Bloggerwave. Log in the respective site and learn more on their requirements and terms and conditions
  6. The approval of funds into your PayPal account differs from one site to another. Some will approve within a week whereas another will approve at the beginning of each month. Log in the respective site and learn more on the payment mode.

Here comes the interesting part of the post on how to transfer funds from PayPal to your debit or credit card. I would like to thank to PapaJoneh for taking his time from his heavy twins juggling duties to come out with these procedures. These procedures are indeed very enlightening and useful.

There are many brands of VISA credit card around the market and those people who own the VISA credit cards will not have problems in transferring their PayPal funds into the card. What matter most are those people who are not eligible or qualify for a credit card. How are they going to earn then? Here is the ultimate and proven choice – debit card. The functions of the debit cards are exactly like the credit cards. The only difference is that you only use the funds you have in your debit card account. Thus, this is a good way of monitoring your spending. By the way, the debit card also acts as your ATM card.

What is the best debit card in the market? It is none other than Public Bank’s Visa Electron Debit Card (PBBVEDC) and of course from my living proof - PapaJoneh who had tried his hands onto transferring his funds from PayPal to the card and it works perfectly well.

The procedure is simple. You just log into PBBVEDC online application form site and start filling up your personal information. Print out the copies of your forms, sign it and attach a photocopy of your Identification Card (both sides) on the single side of an A4 sized paper and submit the forms together with the attachment to PBB Head Office address as stated on the forms. Approval will take up to a month. The annual fee for the card is RM24 but you need to maintain a minimum of RM25 at all time. Do not put in only RM25 into your card when you receive it. The ideal amount will be RM50. PayPal will charge you a minimal amount for verification.

Here are the procedures on transferring the funds from PayPal into your PBBVEDC as shown by PapaJoneh. Click on the thumbnail photos for a clearer view.

The first thing you log into your PayPal account, you will see an advertisement as circled in red. Click on it and it will lead you to a link. Click on the link provided.


It will then direct you to another website, namely eBay Singapore.


There will be a session where it will teach you how to withdraw the funds from PayPal in “How does it work?”


Just follow the steps in your PayPal account. You will see this screen. Click on the “Transfer funds into your card”. Take note that there will be a USD5 withdrawal charges for each transaction.


Fill up the amount you would like to withdraw as shown. In this case, USD100 will be withdrawn from the account.


Cross check to ensure that the amount is correct. The amount will show a decrease of USD5 as withdrawal fee.


After you have confirmed the amount, you will get the page as shown below.


Click on the account summary and you will see that the status will be under “pending”.


Check your PayPal account within the next few days until you see that the status has changed to “completed”.


Just wait for your PBBVEDC statement to arrive to check on the transferred amount or your can go to the nearest Public Bank ATM to check on the amount. The conversion rate for USD to RM will be around 3.4 or less. You can check PapaJoneh's post to see how much he withdrew.

This is definitely a long post for most of you to digest but it is the kind of facts and figures that I am sure no one will ever complain. After all, PayPal did a good job in enabling us Malaysians to enjoy a better and hassle-free life now.


Jhoaniquing said...

oh that's very informative one, thanks for sharing, got to give this award for you..good day!

MonkeyWong said...

Yeah rite! Public Bank’s Visa Electron Debit Card is the best card to work with PayPal for M'sian to date, I'm using it also! :P

iCalvyn said...

Great Man... Now i see all the process and thank alot, thank for this infor, i am waiting all the while for this...

icalvyn said...

it seen like we need to cash out more then 100 only worth, normally i sold the fund in lowyat highest can get 3.3, but now if get USD5 charges, seen like not worth

Bell said...

Hmm... I'm not in Malaysia...

CRIZ LAI said...

jhoaniquing: thanks for the award. I'm honoured. I'll past on this to another few upcoming stars soon.

monkeywong: too

icalvyn: point cashing it out at such a low amount as the charges will still be USD5. The ideal amount is around USD300 as advised by some expert bloggers.. hehe

bell: you can still earn but I'm not sure about how the Switzerland procedures. Maybe you can check on that online?

kljs said...

NexG pre-paid credit card probably can transfer funds, as it is a MasterCard anyway, just it is pre-paid form. ;)

Before anyone going to apply for NexG, please read up my experiences using NexG pre-paid MasterCard. It's not as easy as it looks.

Aryst said...

Hi Criz, I clicked on the online application of PB Visa Electron and it seems that I can send it via online, maybe I don't need to post my I.C copy...and kljs, Am NexG is unusable to withdraw PayPal...visit for full explanation...

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