Wednesday, 3 October 2007



Are you planning to earn some extra income to subsidize your dreams of owning more wonderful gadgets online? Try Smorty, a service company handling all the transactions between bloggers and advertisers. Bloggers will get paid to blog and to review advertisers’ products and services in their blog. Only one step is needed, that is to set a back link to the advertiser’s website. Don’t you think it’s simple?

Here is the basic information you might want to know before joining Smorty:

  1. Your blog or website will need to be at least 3 months old.
  2. You need to have at least a PayPal account for transaction purposes.
  3. Blog posts should be on a regular basis with a minimum of 2 posts per week.
  4. You will need to ensure that your posts are properly indexed in Google.
  5. The minimum amount per post is USD6. The higher your Page Rank and Alexa Ranking are, the higher the opportunity you will have in earning as high as USD100 per post.
  6. You will be paid weekly once your post is approved by the advertiser.
  7. Smorty only accept English as the main language to blog and it has to be grammatically correct at all times.

Why hesitate when you can blog for money? Don’t you want to make your dreams come true? Sign up now as it will be just a few clicks away. It will take a maximum of 2 days for Smorty to approve your website. Mine was approved within hours. That shows how efficient and reliable Smorty is. For more information on Smorty, visit right now!


pikey said...

criz: now u can withdraw money from paypal into your credit card already.. works for my citibank CC account...

i blogged about it at

everydayhealy said...

oh... you start doin aid post already? Congrat! Anyway, support this

aL said...

eh now i noe wats smorty liao. ahhahahahhahah!

Shemah said...

Congrats on being approved by smorty! May you have lots of paid post ops! :D

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