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You do not need to be brainy or hold a degree in Psychology to understand what is life? Neither do you need to have the human relationship skills to understand the behaviour and characteristic of a person. All you need to do is to know how to look correctly, see things as how they really are, and understand the cause and effect of them. Apply these understanding into your daily practice and you will gain the necessary knowledge to troubleshoot any problems that popped up in your life.

It sounded rather mind boggling right? Well, let me put it in a simpler explanation. It means to be observant of your surroundings, studying deeply into the actual happenings and get a better picture of the situation or the person. In the long run, you will be well prepared to face any similar situation that may arise.

Take life as an example. Why is there the haste of getting things done and ended up in a bad mood when a slow and consistent pace will still get the things done in a calmer and within the stipulated period of time? Do we want to be obsessed with what we do and be in agitation all the time or do we want to live life to the fullest by reducing the amount of stress we are putting ourselves into? It is said that, if we want to make big changes in our life, try to start by making small ones. They can really matter and last longer.

How we think forms a pattern of positive outlook. By observing how this outlook changes into thoughtful habits, a new world opens up and so do more options pop up. Let us look at a typical day of getting to work. Normally, a person will get all tempered up trying to move in the ever jammed traffic to get to work as every minutes count. He will try all his skills to wiggle through the slow line, cursing everyone along the way and thus arriving at his work place all steamed up.

What will happen if he would to have driven in a consistent speed all the way instead of pumping the brakes, changing lanes, slamming the brakes? He would still reach his destination the same amount of time, saving more petrol, in a safer condition and will feel calmer and in control of his daily affairs. A driver in traffic will tend to be obsessed about the time, speed, obstacles and whether he is going to be a few minutes late, then speed up as a result of her unquiet mind and further obsess about his lateness.

Somehow, being in a more comfortable, relaxed state will bring you to your destination, whether it is work, school, or home. Moreover, how positive or negative that state is, it will in turn affect the people you surrounding you.

Let us look into another scenario where a person has just come home from a tiring working day. He rushed hastily into the house like a tornado with a sour face and made the family members feel his stress. He should have thought of the problem he would have created for his family by showing his best self and thus avoiding an evening of potential strife. After all, which family does not want to have an evening filled with warmth and relaxation?

Life happens in little moments. We are creatures of patterns and the practice of interrupting those patterns is simply wonderful. Not only do we gain peace and tranquility in our life, we also tend to make the lives of people surrounding us better. So, what small changes have you made recently that have improved your life? Spend some time in observing your lifestyles/habits and make the small changes today.

In case you are having the doubt about your observation power, try doing the tests here.

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PapaJoneh said...

i think, if i understand correctly what you said above, one thing that changed in me toward others .... I guess i'm thinking positive now. that includes smiling, brushing aside stupe comment and office politic and smile again.
just being positive is good enough for me now.. anything negative thrown or blocked. So far, life has been good ... even though stress with domestic obstacle, i just thought it to be temporary and good thing will surface soon. :)

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