Sunday, 21 October 2007


Have you ever wondered why there are still hiccups even though the instruction given is so direct and in plain layman’s language? It is due to the level of understanding of different individuals. It is not that the person is stupid unless s/he is mentally retarded or mentally sick.

What are the causes of such hiccups? Could it be due to the instructor not giving the full detail of a task? Could it be that the listener has the phobia of not wanting to open his/her mouth to ask a question? Is asking a question too hard for many as they fear that asking a stupid question might brand them as stupid? Don’t tell me that the 4W+ 1H (Why, When Which, Where + How) were not taught during their early education?

In fact, by not opening the mouth when in doubt makes a person deemed stupid. Not only will asking a question save unclearness, it also saves time and money. Maybe the below illustration will tell a better story. What are your views on that?



Bell said...

Haha! I don't think I was that bad rite? I hope I wasn't too hard to teach!

Anyway, I've blogged about the steam fish with your recipe, hope you don't mind. ^_^

Wuching said...

why the boss so lazy & not do it himself?

Dexxie Rocks said...

parents will say
"if u dun understand then ask the teacher"

but sometimes we tend to ask
"teacher, i dun understand" or "teacher, I dunno how"

some teacher will teach u properly and some 'duh...

in my case, when i was young lar. i remember asking teacher about maths and guess what the teacher answer.
"so simple also u dunno. stupid ar?"

everyone must realise that some are slow learner and some are fast.


CRIZ LAI said...

bell: you were not bad at all. I'm just showing an example of my maid. 2 years doing the same routine job and still never ask when she is in doubt. She will always nod when we asked her if she understood. **sweat**

wuching: if the boss has the time to do it. What for employ a maid? Cook for the maid too? That's not right.. haha :P

Dexxie: Maybe the teachers of my time has the patience and commitment in teaching full heartedly. Most of the teachers of today teaches for the sake of earning a livelihood. That's the difference. Another thing to take note, it is bad to scold a person stupid. It will psychologically make the person feels that s/he is really stupid and this will ruin his/her future. Positive approach is the better solution.

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