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Have you heard of the term called “Placebo Effect”? It is an effect that will make a person turnaround for the better by having faith in what he does or consume. Most of the time, this effect is used in the medical field where a patient is given a substitute make-believe medication (sugar pill) to treat his sickness. By believing that the medication is genuine, the patient’s expectation to recover has proven to be remarkably successful. Expectation is a powerful tool in life. The more you believe in yourself, the more positive you get in aiming for the best in life. This is how the human mind works!

The mind has often been referred to as the organ of consciousness. How the body functions in our daily lives is controlled by the mind. Based on perception, the mind can indirectly induce physiological changes to the body. When a person is down and out, the mind works in a chaotic way to think positively. All that comes out from the mind will be of negative thoughts, forever blaming oneself for the failures in life and not wanting to look into other possibilities to get out from the rot. Self confidence is then lost within the misty mind. Maybe some scenarios of placebo effects stated below will give you a clearer picture.

John was a brainy guy but he liked to be a loner, making him the nerd of his class. Being so, he often got laughed at by his classmate for not joining in any of their activities. He felt so useless and depressed all the time. He has totally lost his confidence in socializing even with the quietest girl in class. The lecturer noticed the gradual downfall of John’s future and decided to take some drastic actions to help him rectify his problem.

One day after class, she gave him a pink tablet saying that it was her family secret recipe for boosting up courage. By believing that was true, John became a total changed person the next day. Not only did he excel in his studies, he was the Sportsman of the year. Eventually, girls began to swarm him and he became the Prom King too. Only years after becoming a successful international public relation network founder did he knew about the secret behind the pink pill. It was nothing but a candy pill. His failure in socializing was all in his mind. During a reunion dinner, he was all praise for the lecturer whom had used the placebo effect on him and made him who he was today.

Darren on the other hand had failed miserably in his business deals as a big investor suddenly pulled out from his company shares. He was in the midst of bankruptcy as his debtors were demanding for their payments. His mind was lost for solutions to save his company. Feeling depressed, he went to a nearby garden for a walk to have some fresh air to clear the mind.

An elderly man saw his troubled look and asked him, “Is there anything I can do to help you? You looked depressed.” Darren told him about his woes and how he was deprived of another chance. The man just smiled at him and took out a pen and a cheque book. He then wrote a cheque for $600,000 and signed on it. “Just filled up your name and return the amount to me a year from now here.” Darren was stunned by his kindness. Before he could thank him, the man disappeared. On the cheque was the signature of LBS, one of the richest tycoons in the country.

Darren happily walked back to his office thinking that he was the luckiest man on earth that day. The amount would have saved all his monetary worries. Instead of cashing the cheque immediately, Darren left it securely locked in his drawer. He has his confidence back knowing that there will be enough cash to bail him out from being a bankrupt. With this renewed confidence, it motivated Darren to go all out to seal more deals. Within a few months, Darren closed many big deals and was out of debt. In fact, his company doubled its annual income and the staffs were happy with the bonuses given.

One year later, he went back to the garden with the uncashed cheque. He saw the man sitting on the bench waiting for him. As he was moving towards him, he saw two men in white uniforms approached the elderly man. They had a commotion there. He hurriedly went over to help the man out. Only did he find out that the man was a patient from a nearby psychiatric ward. Darren stood there stunned. He did not know that for the whole year he has been dealing confidently, knowing that he has $600,000 to back him up in case things went wrong. He then realized that it was not the money but his renewed self confidence that made him successful in his business.

Don’t you think the mind is a wonderful asset in our body? By thinking positively, it will boost up our inner power to strive for the better. So don’t give up hope when you are down and depressed. Have the faith in yourself. Believe that whatever hardship and pain you are in, think positively in your approach. After all, if you believe you can do it, you can do it!


Bell said...

Our minds are powerful beyond measure. We only need to believe.

Sometimes patients with terminal disease who have been told they had a limited time to live can still make miraculous recoveries, simply because they believed the disease would not take over them, because they believed they would recover... it is faith and confidence.

Some people claim it is an act of God, that if you prayed for something hard enough and your feelings were genuine, it would truly happen... God would answer your prayers.

Who knows?! Whichever you prefer to believe, it all begins in the mind...

PapaJoneh said...

There is a saying that "If you believe you can move the mountain, well you can!"... something in that context.

That's the the correct title.. it is all in the mind. I believe I can fly... you can fly.. but most of the time, your senses tell you, no you cannot, you can just drop dead down there if you are not prepared.

Like the Darren person. He just believe he can do it event hough on the brink of disaster of being bankrupt!

Think positive and think BIG... love this quote

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