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Have you been feeling emotional, depressed, moody, loss of appetite or having sleepless nights? What have you been consuming daily? Ice Blended Mocha? “Kopi Peng”? “Teh Tarik Ais”? Coke? Mint Tea? Green Tea? Earl Grey? “Nescafe Susu”? Well, those beverages that you have consumed daily will somehow affect your brain and caused you to have mood swings. In fact, some researchers have found that cold drinks will make the brain function less actively whereas hot drinks will make it more alert.

Try doing my earlier post on IQ Test. You may experience that the brain functioned better with the HOT APPROACH, e.g. by having a warm bath and a hot drink. The COLD APPROACH of having a cold bath and a cold drink gives you a lower IQ result. It was proven that the brain and the body are interdependent to each other. The brain works wonderfully if the body is well taken care of. If the body is given the proper food and nutrients, the brain will follow suit. So will the moods and appetite.

Here are some of the ways which I have tried before to improve my mind and body. Maybe you can consider using some of my approaches.

1. Stay out of junk foods, artificial flavoring/colouring/sweetener, and MSG (mono sodium glutamate) as it can affect the inner balance of the body. In fact, there are cases that MSG can cause children to be hyperactive for no reasons at all.

2. Do some yoga or meditation as it is believed that it may generate some inner warmth. This will enable the mind to be more alert and mindful of the surroundings.

3. Exercise is very important. By doing so, the body will have the required inner heat to push some warm blood towards the brain. Some people might go for gym a few times weekly.

4. Let the sunshine into your room when you wake up in the morning. The warmth from the sunlight will “wake up your mind”. By closing the curtains/Venetian blinds, you tend to feel sleepier. Remember this, the more you sleep the sleepier you get. An average of 10 hours of sleep is adequate for the body.

5. Avoid exposing yourself too long in front of a brightly lighted computer screen. Bright light delays the melatonin cycles of sleep. It can also cause insomnia for some people.

6. Take more vegetables and fruits as they contain good fibre for the bowel system. They do cleanse the body of some toxic, thus making your body functions better.

7. Consume food with ginger, red chilly pepper, pepper corn occasionally. These spices have been used traditionally for warming the body. The memory gets better too.

8. Nuts are good natural “brain food” that might boost your brainpower and stabilize your moods. Try munching some slightly roasted non-salted nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts, almonds or just simply peanuts. Gingko nuts are as good too in your diet plan. These are some of the “anti brain fog” nuts which contained healthy Omega-3S & 6S fatty acids, vitamin B6 & E, which are good for the body’s nervous system. Thus, a healthier nervous system results in a clearer and happier thinking. In fact, the compound of a walnut is the best anti-depressant natural remedy in boosting the appetite, treating the insomniac, depressed, improving the digestive system as well as one’s compulsive behavior.

9. Seeds are another good alternative “brain food” with Omega-3S (fish is the most common source but some hated the smell and taste). Flax seeds are the one most sourced for. They are sometimes known as the emotion boosting seeds. Nowadays, bakeries are getting healthier by producing flax seed buns and breads for the ever-rising demand of the healthy conscious consumers. Flax oil is also easier available over the counter as a supplementary. On top of that, other seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds also act as boosters for memory and cognitive functions.

10. Wheat germs are also good for the body. They build energies for the body and aid in gaining muscle and reducing instances of catabolism. A healthier body provides a healthier mind. Do try out some of these products at your nearest healthy bakeries.

There are in fact so many other healthy diets and supplements which can improve the body and mind. Those mentioned above are the few which I have practiced. Occasionally, I also did consume Liquid Spirulina, Liquid Chlorophyll, and Wheatgrass Powder for my general health.

Recently, I have found out that there are many people whom I have spoken to have some emotional and moods trouble. Are you one of them? Are you lacking the nutrients that are required for your body? Are you having a healthy lifestyle? Do share your experiences on your moods here.


Bell said...

How ironic that drinking warm water is better for the brain but your body absorbs cold water more efficiently into the system.

Another good food to eat when moody is oily fish. Not fish soaked in oil! Fatty fishes like Salmon and Tuna are a great source of Omega 3 fats which are bursting full of mood lifters...

Anonymous said...

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Wuching said...

must drink only warm drinks from now on

MonkeyWong said...

Mmmm, I c, give me hot coke pls! :P

Dexxie Rocks said...

aik, really kah???

urm... i like to drink wheat grass juice wan wor.. but seldom drink

coffee also
mocha also

usually i drink cold wan lor...
only when i'm sick or i'm feeling too cold only i drink warm wan lor.

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