Wednesday, 5 September 2007



Have you ever wondered which part of your body is most important as a human? Is it the eyes? Without sight, we will not be able to see and appreciate things in our life. Is it the ears? Without hearing, we will not the able to listen to the sweet voices and melodies surrounding us. Is it the hands? Without them, we will not be able to carry things and feel the nice sensation of our beloved ones. Is it the nose? Without it we will not be able to smell the nice aroma of food or the smell of Mother Nature. Is it the mouth or tongue? Without it, we will not be able to talk or taste the sweetness, sourness, saltiness, bitterness and hotness of the food we put in.

I have assumed all along that all of these 5 senses are equally important in our life. Each and every single one of them has its unique features and functions that one cannot go on without. I was wrong all the way. Without the eyes, a blind person can still function well by relying on his other senses. Without hearing, a deaf can still go about his daily life by seeing and learning. Without the hands, a handicapped person can still find ways to fend for himself. Without the nose structure, one can still smell wonderfully. Without the mouth, there are still other ways to feed the body.

I have been asking many of my adult friends but all of them pointed to either one of the 5 senses. One fine day, I have decided to ask one of my neighborhood kids. To my surprise, this 11 year old boy answered me that it was the shoulder. I was baffled as all these years of asking, I finally had someone who told me a different answer. I was thinking that it might be a kid’s wild guess that the shoulders were to support one’s head. I was wrong when I heard his innocent explanation. He said, “I saw Mummy putting her head onto Daddy and many relatives’ shoulders when Grandpa died. It must be the shoulder then.”

It took me awhile to come back to reality as my mind was still trying to digest this piece of information. What he said is so true and it took a kid to give me the perfect answer. At times, we do indeed need a shoulder to cry on. Someone out there, whose hearts that you have touched in your journey of life will eventually lend you their shoulders to cry on during sad times. These warm and tender shoulders are the results of your never failing efforts to make someone happy. It is your sympathy and compassion in sharing the pain of others. You touched and shared their feelings.

Even scientific terms such as “For every actions, there are an equally or opposite reactions” can be applied to our daily lives. For every goodness that you have done, you will expect to receive an equally good or maybe better treatments. But not necessary that every human being will have that good attributes in them to be compassionate in life. Some will just take things for granted. Nevertheless, doing more good does not harm a person.

Just remember this “People will forget what you did or said but they will not forget how good you have made them feel. This is human and humans are emotional beings. They will not fail to receive as much love and comforts from others. Goodness is like the stars. You do not see them always but you know that they are there for you at all times. If you have not been extending some helping hands or lend a shoulder for someone out there, do it now. Who knows, maybe someday you will receive more than what you have given. This is just my simple philosophy of life!

Dedications: Becci & Cindy, my twin friends, Wah & Diana, my childhood friends. Life is filled with impermanency. What has come into this world has to go away someday. Stay strong and do not let sorrow made you all down. No matter what, I have my shoulders open always in case you needed more comforts. My deepest condolences to your recent bereavements.


Wuching said...

i dun need my grey hairs, u can have it. its not important for me!

Bell said...

Sorry for busting your bubble yesterday Criz, But it's still a very meaningful post. Good on you for writing this of your own accord. I'm sure your friends truly appreciate your dedication and caring.

conan_cat said...

oh my... now that's really enlightening. i've never thought of it too... if you asked me the same question i'll tell you it's da brains or heart... but shoulder, very good one. :) thanks for sharing again...

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