Tuesday, 25 September 2007


I have stopped doing tags for some time due to some personal reasons and I was surprised to still get a tag from Jho of AniqueAnik, Philippines. Since this is kind of easy, I have decided to oblige to her request. Somehow, this tag has its own uniqueness and do not require much thinking power. Here is how my desktop display looks like.


I have chosen this desktop display due to the fact that it is so ME. The display depicted ME when I was young, sitting on the grass in the wilderness which was filled with lots of mysteries and dangers. I called this place my Sanctuary. Why I called it so instead of the danger zone? It was because I find this place to be a good challenge in exploring deeper and deeper into the heart of it and to discover what was not known to the outside world. I did fall and got hurt countless of times in this Sanctuary of mine. No matter how many times I have failed, I still manage to pull myself up and move closer and closer into the truth within the Sanctuary. Finally, I have conquered the Sanctuary as times passed by. It made me more mature, more understanding, more calm and having that inner peace in handling all the happenings in my own world now. This was my childhood life and it polished me to be who I am right now.

Anyway, I did find out that from what you have displayed on your desktop will show how strong and mature you are in facing the future. Let me tag a few persons whom I am quite curious to find out how their desktop displays look like. They are Alvin Chew, Aaron Chua, BenjiPapa, Wendy and Annabel Sim. I do hope you all love me for this tag. :P


My Desktop Free View Instruction:

A. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun.
You can do a screen capture by:

[1] Going to your desktop and pressing the Print Scrn key (located on the right side of the F12 key).

[2] Open a graphics program (like Picture Manager, Paint, or Photoshop) and do a Paste (CTRL + V).

[3] If you wish, you can “edit” the image, before saving it.

B. Post the picture in your blog. You can also give a short explanation on the look of your desktop just below it if you want. You can explain why you preferred such look or why is it full of icons. Things like that.

C. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a Free View of their desktop as well.

D. Add your name to this list of Free Viewers with a link pointing directly to your Desktop Free View post to promote it to succeeding participants.

List of those who participated in the tag and place your link below:
- iRonnie
- skippyheart
- thesserie
- domlawrenceosb
- sasha-says
- maiylah’s snippets
- My Memoirs
- AniqueAnik
- Criz’s Sanctuary



AniqueAnik said...

lolz..see, i knew you can make it..nice story...thanks for committing..

Bell said...

Just done your tag ^_^ Nothing to brag about. But your desktop is cool... unique... creepy morphing... I like it. Obviously you made it yourself eh?

Aaron Chua said...

Dang~ I thought I wrote in my blog I no longer do tags? lol~
But I'll do this one man. Hahaha~

eastcoastlife said...

Cool! I love your desktop.

Happy Mid Autumn!!

PS - I didn't receive your email. Can you email me again?
eastcoastlife55 at hotmail dot com

Muse Princess said...

hey criz, i got tagged by wendy also i dun bother doing... hahaha.... too lazy la... heheh....

Kucing Mafia said...

Good to know you have found your sanctuary.

K.Kim said...

My reaction at first glance is that the boy has an innocent quality about him, all awashed in a warm glow and I wonder whether he knows what danger islurking beneath him in the dark. I feel like shouting to him to run because the dragon with sinister eyes seems to be hatching some evil plans. But then, after reading your deeply felt story, the luminance could be a manifestation of the inner glow radiating when one has reached a level of self-actualisation or empowerment. The dragon could then represent some bad elements in the boy's life that has been tamed but the sinister eyes still hint of a need to be wary of this creature. Hehe, how about that? But I do love this magical and fantastical visual.

K.Kim said...

errr....at second glance, that's not really a warm glow. More like a cool shade of colour and there's an supernatural quality about that glow. Hmmm...

K.Kim said...

"an supernatural"? sorry for the typo. i mean "a" la, adoi.

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