Thursday, 5 July 2007


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A.D.D.I.N.G. (Age Deficiency Disorder In Nominal Generation) has always been my problem for many years. Has age actually caught up with me or was it the global attitudes of the people surrounding me or stress that made this disorder becoming from bad to worst? Nowadays, I realized that I seem to have lost part of my memory within a short period of time. How does it affect my life? Either I did not do certain things or I do them half way through. Here is one scenario of what I had experienced two nights ago.

I was in the midst of planning to write an article for my blog when I realized that I have finished my bottle of water. So I decided to fill up my bottle in my kitchen. As I was about to fill up my water, I realized that the container was without water. Thanks to the last person in the house who did not have the initiative to fill it up. As I was filling up the kettle to boil water, I saw that there were some unwashed dishes in the sink. Who the hell was responsible for not washing their dishes after eating?

Although I was still cursing and swearing, I washed all the dishes. The kettle was fully filled when I finished washing. I put the kettle onto the stove and at that time I saw some stains on the floor. I quickly took out a mop and began to mop that stain off my shining floor. But I thought since I have taken out the mop, I might as well mop the whole house as the rest have not returned home from work. After finishing mopping the whole house, I felt rather thirsty and decided to have a cold drink. I took out some cold water from the refrigerator and left it on my dining table while resting there for a few minutes.

15 minutes passed very quickly and I went into the kitchen to check on my water. Gosh! I have forgotten to turn on the stove. How am I going to get some decent drinking water without even cooking it? So I switched on the stove and went back to my computer. As I was sitting down, I heard a squeaking sound from my chair. I saw a loose nut under it. I went to the tool drawer and took out a spanner to tighten it. How stupid I was not to notice that I needed a screwdriver to screw the nut back as well. There I went again to get the screwdriver. It took me more than half an hour for such a simple task.

Suddenly, I realized that I was boiling water in the kitchen. I rushed there only to see that there was only half a kettle left. I was so stupid not to buy one with a whistle earlier. With all the hard work done, I have decided to make a cup of nice coffee for refreshment. I then went to my sitting room and laze onto the couch. While enjoying the cup of coffee, I switched on the TV to watch some nice movies. I was so tired that I dozed off. When I woke up, it was already past midnight. I went over to my computer but I forgot what I was supposed to write. I sat there wondering what the heck I did for the whole of yesterday. I looked around the house and saw that I did many ridiculous things the previous evening and I ended up writing this post instead.

  • The TV was still on and I could find where I left the remote control.
  • My tools were still lying on the floor when they were supposed to be kept into the tool drawer.
  • My cup of coffee was left almost untouched with 3/4 cup left.
  • I have a glass of warm water still sitting on my dining table.
  • The drinking water container was not filled at all.
  • I have forgotten to take my dinner and my tummy is now growling for food.
Do not laugh at me for forgetting to do so many things in one evening. Maybe you think you are still young and have a good memory to remember things or duties or responsibilities. One day, you will also face this forgetfulness as you grow older. Just make sure that you do not forget to wear your underwear, bra, blah blah blah, when you go out…haha!


Wait! I just remembered that the first thing I was to do was to fill up my bottle of water. Now where did I put the bottle?


Cindy said...

Hi Criz, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

Wuching said...

story of my life, i'm turning senile!

papajoneh said...

Hahahaha... criz we really ah friend, in internet, in mind and now in this ADD thing too.
The moment I read the 2nd parag. I knew what you gonna do already. I did the very same thing too. Hahahaa. I always end up everything still partly finished or if somehow i managed to outdo myself like really finishing them, its already like 5 hours passed by. I did a check on my temperament, Im one of those Melancholic Person. If your story is real, well, im sure you're a melancholic person too. Coooolll. :D

aL said...

err. so nice. u can filled up ur evening so well.

haha kidding dude. chill lah!

Sweetpea said...

next time tie a string on each finger for each task, so it reminds you that u have a task.

*five fingers full*

darn, what tasks were those?!

Dexterity said...

Just kaccauing in Criz comment... wakakaka...

sorry ya, most of my wire shot shot ad...

CRIZ LAI said...

cindy: Thanks for popping in all the way from Western New York. Feel at home please :)

wuching: I can see many white hair popping out on your head now..haha

papajoneh: sorry...the terms is too bombastic for me to understand..hehe :P

aL: hehehe... you think I like to forget things meh? that's the sign of old age :P

sweetpea: i did tat on all my fingers and toes before...just can't remember what they were towards the end of the day :P

dexter: that's no a comment at all. Licks~~

zewt said...

wow criz... i do have my forgetful days but that's a bit... too much! haha... maybe you're just tired.

ok ok... i wont laugh...

G-Devil said...

Kasihan Criz.. forgot so much in such a short time. But everyone has this once in awhile (i'm only 19 and i experience it all the time LOL)

*a 600 yr old devil trapped in a 19 yr old body*

K.Kim said...

I do get forgetful, sometimes can't even remember what day it is.
The good thing about you is that you would settle a problem the moment you encounter it.
However, when something distracting comes along, you tend to shift your attention to solving the second problem.
This will certainly keep you busy all day.
And you often mop the whole house by yourself? Wow! You're really some kind of guy!!!

Bee said...

Aghh, it happens to me sometimes. I used to have super nice memory but now I don't remember why I'm walking into the room. So I have to go back to the living room to find some hints why I was walking into the room. I think I shouldn't have done the anesthesia when I had the operation to take out all my wisdom teeth at once. I heard that anesthesia can have side effect of losing memory.

nalini said...

thanks, i thought i was the only one!

so when you tend to forget so many things at one time, that's when blogging comes in - you write, you remember! but then again... sometimes you forget what you really wanna write, right?

but anyhoo this post is a good write! how long did it take you to recollect the incidents? :P

Sae Wei said...

Alapak!!! But worry not.. even youngster tend to forget stuff these days.. ;P

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