Thursday, 17 May 2007


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I got tagged by this Ehon, the “Evil Horror from the Ominous Necropolis” to write something about when I was 18 years old. Walao…How could I remember what I did so many years ago? It was more than 10 years ago. Yea…I must admit…I’m old physically but not mentally. Hehe… Cough…cough…I’m still sick and nothing is in my brain now. What should I write? *Bang bang the forehead on the table* *Dig dig my old school magazine out from the dusty attic*. Achoooo… ah ha…here is something that will refresh my memory. I will write about it after I post up the rules and check through the website.


1. Go to
2. Select the year you turned 18 (type the year in the google search)
3. Get all nostalgic over the songs of the year
4 Write about it
5 Pass this tag onto 5 others

The moment I saw the word “Rules”, I got scared as I was wondering if it’s like the Singaporean, Jack Neo’s latest movies “Just Follow Law” - everything also must follow rules, just fill in this form and we get back to you in a few days. Don play play lah! Wait…must I declare this before I write further? Haha…


Here are some of the songs which gave me good memories even until now… sob… sob… Ehon…why you made me this way?

One Sweet Day - Mariah Carey & Boys II Men
(Reminded me of how I first met with my love and how sweet she was when I first met her)

I'll Be There For You - Rembrandts
(Yea…I was there for her always…day and night until her mother shooed me home…hehe)

We've Got It Goin' On - Backstreet Boys
(Both of us idolized this group of “leng zai”s)

Boombastic - Shaggy
(Won in the Grammy Award for the Best Reggae Album 1995…we were dancing to the tune even at home)

Better Man - Pearl Jam
(I was then her favourite man, so was I to others, but I chose to be with her)

The Woman In Me - Shania Twain
(I felt so lost and fragile because her whole family moved down to KL and I was left all alone again)

Thank You - Boyz II Men
(Thanks for all the sweet memories you have given me during our 3 years of relationship)

Sexual Healing - Max-A-Million
(I needed a lot of that then)

Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) - Scatman
(My first encounter dancing with another gal but I still can’t let go of her, my first love)

Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio
(Won in the Grammy Award for the Best Rap Solo Performance…nay…I was not one)

Colors Of The Wind - Vanessa Williams
(I love the Pocahontas storyline…it made me feel the love atmosphere and crying over the love that got lost in my life)

Hooked On You – Silk
(Yea…still hooked on her and can’t let go)

Exhale (Shoop Shoop) - Whitney Houston
(Tried to get that extra breath to have the courage to move on)

Dreaming Of You - Selena
(Day and night I dreamt of her…even now…even I know she’s still single down in KL but my family commitment comes first…how sad)

As I Lay Me Down - Sophie B. Hawkins
(Sleepless nights trying to get hold of myself for not crying out)

Baby - Brandy
(Baby… I love you forever and wished that fate will let us be together again)


Someone please pass me some tissues…

Here are the 5 persons whom I would like to share their experiences with me:

Elena Tong – my loveable god sister who has a real sentimental heart in the love industry…LOL

Graceq – a good friend of mine who like to talk about her piggy’s life :)

PapaJoneh – tell us what you did when you were young prior to knowing your soul mate, MamaJoneh :)

Pikey Dude – Dare you to tell me more :)

Val – I know you might hate me for doing this but I just want you to be relax and drift your mind back to those sweet memories that you had.


ehon said...

wahhh. so romantic. boo hoo. eh, it's not me lar ok? it's your fever that made you so romantic ler. i am as innocent as an angel *acts angelic*. ok ok, so fail. i cannot act for real, but aiya, the point is, not me lar! :P LOL!!

Get well soon man. Lots of rest and GET OFF the computer!!! Hahaha

CRIZ LAI said...

Ehon: ya ya ya...luckily all the thinking made me tired and I slept until this morning. I guessed it helps in the recovery process :P

Val said...

Yo! Thanks for the tag again. And no worry. I luv doing tags/meme. They are fun! Hahaha...

CRIZ LAI said...

Val: love knowing that :)

papajoneh said...

wah lau weii... this even harder than the 1st one. Let me think of something ok. ;)

Sweetpea said...

err... have i got the wrong selena of dreaming of you, but i thot she died already long time ago kena shot by her fan club president?

CRIZ LAI said...

papajoneh: take your time :)

sweatpea: hey...good to see u here again :) yea...that the same selena who was killed but her songs still remain as my favourite :)

pikey said...

when i was 18??? hhmmm..... so long time ago.. hahaha... lemme think first...

CRIZ LAI said...

pikey: i'll wait :)

Sweetpea said...

yea i love her songs too. JLo was in a movie about her, as her. have u watched it?

CRIZ LAI said...

sweetpea: yea...i did watch the movie and I like it a lot. If only I can get hold of this movie in DVD. I do not mind keeping this as my good old movie collections :)

Anonymous said...

Gimme 5. You like the song Betterman by Pearl Jam. I like that song, too.

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