Wednesday, 30 May 2007


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Words cannot express
How much you have done
How much you have sacrificed
To make me who I am today

Since my adolescence period
Until my adulthood today
You have always stood by my side
Catching me when I fell
Holding me when I cried
Hugging me when I needed comfort
Guiding me when I failed
Supporting me when I was down
Comfort me when I was depressed
Showing me the right path when I was lost

Now that you have grown older
More fragile and forgetful than ever
I will always be there for you seven days a week
To serve you in whatever ways you want me to
I will be your eyes to drive you around
I will be your legs to help you run errands
I will be your hands to help you carry things
I will be your head to remember things for you

Thank you for
Your patience in guiding me to stand up on my own two feet
Your time for teaching me to be the person I should be
Your laughter to make my life brighter and better
Your comfort when things seem to go wrong for me
Your encouragement to make me stronger
Your enlightenment to make me realize what a jerk I was before

Without you
I will still be a lost child
Never ever get out from the wild
You are my inspiration
To help me finish this dedication
You are none other than my friend, my mentor
My ever loving father

I love you Dad…Happy Fathers’ Day

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Come this third Sunday of June, the whole world will celebrate Fathers’ Day. It is a day where all fathers expect at least some acknowledgements from their children for their fatherhood. How do you plan to show your father that you value him in your life? For those who has lost your father when you were young, step-fathers, god-fathers or whoever that act like a father figure to you and brought you up until today would also appreciate being acknowledged. No doubt the person is not your biological father, he still love you as his own.

Many of you will choose to spend this special day with your father by buying him gifts, cook something special for him or even take him out for a nice meal. When it comes to deciding what sort of gift for him, many of us will be stressed out as shopping for some fathers could be rather hard. Gifts for fathers should reflect the personality of the father. It could also be something that can bring back memories of the bond between you and your father.

Some of you would end up giving your father a red packet or “lai see” to wish your father longevity, health and prosperity. Some will give him some shopping vouchers for him to get what he wants in a shopping mall. Some will even buy him a vacation ticket to some quiet places far away from the hectic lifestyle he is having now.

Not all gifts given to your father must be of monetary value. As time passes by, some of us might not even notice that our fathers have aged a lot. They are many things that he cannot do physically now. A simple gesture of helping in any difficult household chores would be valued by him. Even a simple act of sitting with him and chatting until the day go by is enough to please him. Some fathers do not expect much from their children since most of them have grown up and have their own lives. A simple gesture of a long loving hug and some quality time spent together will be much appreciated.

What roles does a father play in the lives of his children? With his unconditional love towards his children, he also strive the best for the future of his children by protecting, providing, nurturing, educating or just being a friend for them. He is the man of the house who offers the guidance, discipline, right track and the needed strength to ensure the success of his children. He teaches us the basic things and helps instill many values in our lives. In short, he shaped us to become what we are today.

As Margaret Truman once said, “It’s only when you grow up and step back from him, or leaves him for your own career and your own home – it’s only then you can measure his greatness and fully appreciate it.” Not until you have a child of your own do you realized the joy and love in the heart of a father. How honoured he is to be able to pass on something that is good and hopeful into the hands of his child. How heartbroken he would be if his children were to go astray from the paths he had planned for them.

It is not an easy task to play the role of a father. Most of the time he will feel unappreciated for the sacrifices he has given, ignored for his position in the family and unwanted by his family after they have grown up. Stop making your father feel so inferior in his life. Show him what you can do by showering him with your endless love. Let him know that he is always being remembered by you. Prove to him that you are still a filial child not only on Fathers’ Day but also for many years to come.


skynaz said...

Criz kor..the dedications really touch my heart!in fact to everyone too i guess..I do miss my dad since i'm away from him. Appreciate him coz no matter what!

Good article ah kor!Thanks

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah man~
Both my parents are away.
And yeah even a simple chat will make them feel happy.
Shower them with love eh? Hahaha~

papajoneh said...

Chriz this is a very good post for the father's day. I hope everyone can feel it and practice it. saying and doing it totally two different thing. By doing this post, you really show that you love your parents and I bet they really proud to have such a good son. I am proud too, for knowing you :)

CRIZ LAI said...

skynaz: as I told u before, we take life for granted. One major piece of our lives are often forgotten and that piece is called FATHER :)

Aaron: Just a call to wish him Happy Fathers' Day will heal any disputes you have with him. It's that simple :)

Papajoneh: Errr...I am a bad son. Do not judge me that good leh. I am bad cause I refused to buy him supper and he knows that it's bad for his health too :P

SuwaN said...

happy fathers day..for u and your father!

conan_cat said...

oh yeah, happy fathers day to you too!

(eh, aren't you a father? i shouldn't be wishing you?? paiseh paiseh~)

i'll write a post about my father too later... thanks for the poem and thoughts, very inspiring :)

SuwaN said...

sure i am not father, but u also can talk to my future, kakaka..

CRIZ LAI said...

suwan: Hey...I am not married yet. Wish me as a future Father? kekeke :P

conan cat: I would love to see how you write it :)

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Nice blog! Hehehe! *wnk wink* Well done on the poetry! Very beautiful.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Thanks for dropping by! Wanna x-change linkx??

CRIZ LAI said...

Nastasshea: Thanks for the compliment. Added you in my blogroll long time ago...LOL

kayatan said...

Very touched !

healy said...

Criz, I am the one as you mentioned in your father,my like father is my ah kong. past away last year. Miss him so much. So, I decided to celebrate with my hubby. I think he made a good father since Elizabeth was born. I'll do something on my baby's behalf!

Anyway, you impressed me! you like cooking, and yet you are so centimental, must be a good husband and good daddy too. haha....

Happy father's day,Criz...

Rabbit said...

*sobs* Kam tong~

CRIZ LAI said...

kayatan & rabbit: Luckily I've a lot of cute winnie the pooh tissue paper. It should help :P

healy: What gives you the impression that I'm married with kids? Haha... I'm attached but not married yet lar. Do I sound so old? Hehe...

Anyway, thanks for the compliment :)

zewt said...

i have never celebrated fathers' day in my life... but i think i am going to make it happen this year...

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Oh dear you did? Oh I so shy now..heheh!! Ok adding u in my blog list too!

Ken Xu said...

HUaawawawawawawwa! (Crying deeply because of your heart touching poem!)

CRIZ LAI said...

zewt: you should since he will be rather lonely these few years :)

nastasshea: thanks ya :)

ken xu: aiyo...I almost ran out of Winnie the Pooh tissue paper, Power Puff Girls ok ar? :P

piggy said...

I never had a chance to celebrate Father's Day. He passed away before I was born. Nevertheless, I manage to find another father when I was in high school - God, the Father. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

piggy: glad to hear that you have found solace under His guidance and care :)

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