Monday, 30 April 2007


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In the present society, majority of the teenagers are like this…when they have found something that is newer, whether it is a human being or an item, they will totally forget about the older ones. When one goes shopping for sundries, surely he will choose something that is freshest and suit his taste bud. However, when it comes to romance and relationship, he tends to apply this in his approach for the better. Could he be thinking that who he met now could even be better than whom he met the previous week? The worst part of a relationship is that whom he has not met could be even better than who he is with now. In the end, not only will he hurt himself but also the person’s feelings towards him. Which type of person are you? Why not take the simple test below and find out more about yourself?

When you are having a vacation in Egypt, you saw something shining far away. What do you think it is?
A. glassware B. jewel C. rubber toy D. tin can


TYPE A: You are a person who will consider meeting up with another person is somewhat normal. You will take the person as a good buddy. Whether the person is your soul mate or not, you will not force the relationship and will let it comes naturally.

TYPE B: Due to some differences, you are not feeling rather pleased with your other half now. If you met up with someone else who has the same level of thinking, you might have some feelings of guilt now. Do not worry as you have no intention of changing to something better right now. Even though if it has happened, it is not something that you did on purpose with an intention.

TYPE C: You are really unhappy with your love life and wished that you are in the “Garden of Unhappiness” right now. In fact inside you, you are looking forward to an exciting and romantic relationship. Are you not having that feeling right now?

TYPE D: You are a person who has not even a thought of having a relationship. Even if you are having one now, you will feel that your other half has lost his or her glitters and attractiveness. To you, this is the end of the road as there is no longer a common topic in your daily conversation.. If you met someone you like right now, you will be serious to jump into this relationship immediately.

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Bell said...

Wheeee!!!~~ I'm Type A...

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